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Lime Mortars


With our Brickwork, Stonework & Pointing we can supply the highest quality Limes and Aggregates to our clients.

We offer :

English and French Natural Hydraulic Lime in three different grades.

(Different grades are chosen depending on the bricks and exposure to weather)

English Non Hydraulic Lime

Mortar grade chalk lime  ( matured for 6 months)

Fine grade chalk lime  (matured for 12 months )

Super fine grade lime  ( matured for 12 months )


Different types of mortar require different types of aggregates ( sand )

We offer : Fine, Medium and Coarse sands, all washed and well graded.

We can also offer unwashed building sand. 

Stone Dusts

 Different types of Stone dusts as well as Chalk and Coal Ash.

Coloured Mortars

 We can also provide coloured mortars or cement mortars.

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