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If you would like some beautiful Brick or Stonework built in your garden we can build you the following Landscaping work : 


  • Arches, Bridges, Wells, Dwarf Walls 
  • Boundary or RetainingWalls   
  • Slabs or Stone or Brick built Patio's
  •  Brick, Stone or Block Paving
  • Stone Chippings laid on Drives and Paths
  •     Brick or Stone built Barbeques
  • Brick or Stone built Planters


One of our curved dwarfe walls




Purbeck or Portland Stone

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Some of our Stonework

The picture of the Purbeck Stone above shows just one of  the

 ways we lay and point our stonework.


  • Stone Walling Laid
  • Stone Paving Laid

Idyllic New Forest Cottage Stonework 

     A very nice couple who own a idyllic cottage  in the New Forest
    kindly asked us to replace an old stone wall with a new one.
    Before and after



Before and after





     The finished wall


Below shows some of the problems we had to get over while building these walls


The roots of the tree above ran right where we were putting the wall,

we could not build on top of the roots so we had start the wall to one side.


Below the string line shows where the face of the wall has to be,

 we also had to solve the problem of getting over the big root seen coming

through the wall so we could meet the wall the other side of the tree

without the use of lintles or arches.

As you can see in the picture below of the finished wall

it all looks in line.











Patios and Paving 


A patio in rural Corfe Mullen, Dorset


The set of 8 pictures below are of a patio we laid for a lovely couple in Corfe Mullen, Dorset, 



This picture shows the old patio that still has to be broken up with a breaker


Above shows the rough area of where the path around the stone summer house is to be laid


This picture shows the sub base prior to compaction

This picture shows the refined shape and the compacted sub base

Here is the finished path, we had to use 2ft slabs on this path which were supplied by the owners of the property so to get get the required curves was not easy but we managed it and we think it turned out nice.  

This picture above shows the stonework under the patio doors we were asked to replace

This angle shows the curve we managed to cut with a disc cutter 

This last photo of the patio shows how it makes the property look more modern.


Landscaping with Reclaimed Materials

These pictures were taken to show you the before and after shots of a small garden we landscaped in Poole, Dorset.

The garden was very overgrown with huge cast stone flower beds on either side

which were cutting the size of the garden right down and we could hardly fit our tools in.


We started by clearing the vegetation and knocking down the large planters to give more space.

 The pictures above and below show what we were left to work with once we had taken out the planters and vegetation.

We then dug the footings for a dwarfe retaining wall and also dug out and installed a new soakaway which will take away the rain water from the new patio we were about to lay.We built the new wall, then we cleaned the brickwork on the garage and replaced the rotten wooden window. You can see the difference from the pictures above and below.

The bricks we used are old imperial sized sand and lime brickstaken from the same property when we had to take down the old chimney stack and breast, we cleaned them and layed them using a recess joint. The copping stones were taken from the old planters which we cleaned and relaid but the pier caps were bought from a landscape supplier.

Above is a close up of the pier caps and reclaimed copping stones, you can also see the reclaimed brickwork we laid

The picture above is roughly the same angle as pictures 2 and 3, you can see the difference.

Above is the middle section of the new wall we built useing reclaimed materials, you can also see the gully for the new soakaway we installed to take the rain rain water away. We cleared the raised bed, laid a landscaping fabric and cover it with 20mm shingle 

We used old reclaimed local authority 3 by 2 grey concrete slabs, we got the slabs from 2 different sorces and as you can see there are lighter and darker slabs so we alternated a course of light and a course of dark.The old slabs were a bit dull so to brighten them up a bit we layed coloured pebbles between the joints and also layed multi coloured reclaimed bricks around the edge of the patio. 

Where the patio ends we laid a landscaped fabric and covered it with 20mm shingle.

We also gave the fence a coat of fence paint.

The only materials that were not reclaimed was the mortar, pebbles, pier caps and shingle.




 In the 3 pictures below you can see a garden we landscaped for

 a master builder in Poole, Dorset



We laid the patio, built the dry stone walls and also built the small white building

which is used as a garage and fully fitted gym  


In the photo's above and below you can get a better veiw of the stonework and white building 









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